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Investorworker.com Hiatus

By author Morgan Jassen

This blog (investorworker.com) may be going on an indefinite hiatus. It started in 2013 as "wieldlinux.com" and then continued as "investorworker.com" until today.

This blog has roughly represented a record of professional development and personal career and life development topics, and also ranging from philosophy, to work project reports, to personal finance philosophy, and other. This blog has been mostly written/publised under creative commons license and under a general feeling of not being for profit.

What's next? 

One current endeavor is that I started to blog at https://wieldsilver.com, on topics that may make an economic difference (and under a general feeling of same), where I hope to continue to share about financial/money topics, and professional and other topics (especially as the professional and other topics relate to financial/money topics), but this not necessarily under an exclusively not-for-profit feel.

At least for now (the year 2020) I don't plan on de-commissioning the investorworker.com domain name nor blog content. In future it'll depend on the cost/value of keeping it up. It's been great blogging here, one reason is its been a way to maintain a professional identity independent of whatever has been my current work-for-money job, and a way to record my growth as a professional (and be able to look back on that record months/years later to see how I've grown). Also it is a way to share one's work, growth, and thoughts with others as well, even if in a simple / low-fidelity way. So for anyone reading out there looking for an outlet for ^these, then I'd recommend professional-growth blogging as well! 

Thanks for reading!

This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2020/2020-01-06-investorworker.com-hiatus.html