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Final report for Project for weeks 47 & 48 (2019) - Learn About Databases (VI)

By author Morgan Jassen

In this two week sprint I did:

- PHP + MySQL scripts.

In this two week sprint I learned:

- "%" sign matches not only one's desired rows when combined with other text, but all database rows when not combined with other text. (thus a test for blank form field is needed!)

- One way to avoid a longer and more complex single multi-step script, is to make a series of 2-or-3 1-step scripts that operate on (a) value(s) then pass the values along.

- DBeaver can do alter table statements via GUI.

In conclusion, in weeks 47 & 48 (2019), I learned about databases, PHP, HTML, MySQL.

This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2020/2020-01-05-project-report-databases-VI.html
The project plan for this project is here: https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-11-21-project-plan-databases-VI.html