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Final report for Project for weeks 45 & 46 (2019) - Learn About Databases (V)

By author Morgan Jassen

In this two week sprint I did:

- Created a workaround when a database tool stopped working.

- Used php scripts to do MySQL database data manipulation.

In this two week sprint I learned:

- Switching to working early morning first thing for me is much better overall, compared to last thing late at night! Feels fresher and like not procrastinating.

In conclusion, in weeks 45 & 46 (2019), I refreshed knowledge and learned about php manipulating MySQL.

This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2020/2020-01-05-project-report-databases-V.html

The project plan for this project is here: https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-11-07-project-plan-databases-V.html