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Final report for Project for weeks 37 & 38 (2019) - Learn Database Theory

By author Morgan Jassen

In this two week sprint I did:

- Consumed video lessons and did exercises, learning about databases.

- Adjusted schedule to accommodate partner group-work demands. (Resting daytime, nap, up early, up late, bed late, bed early, etc.) 

- Created more than 8 ERDs from business rules.

In this two week sprint I learned:

- Realized despite having "read a lot of MySQL books" and worked with many real-world databases , there is a LOT I don't know about databases! Humbling at least, also exciting and applicable to real-life database work!

- Learned that particularly, time-scheduling this project was a challenge and put a strain on my sleep and personal-time schedule. But also learned that with some flexibility and determination, I could do lessons and do exercises, in a way integrated with my life.

In conclusion, in weeks 37 & 38 (2019), I learned about databases.

This blog post was pre-published on 2019-12-12.
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Note: The project plan for this project is here: https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-09-07-project-plan-database-theory.html