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Final report for Project for weeks 35 & 36 (2019) - Quitting Coffee

By author Morgan Jassen

In this two week sprint I did:
- "Quit coffee". On 10 of 11 days I drank no coffee. Also, and for my purposes, didn't "switch to tea" either.

- Leaned on substitutes and placebos throughout. Like: chocolates, snacks, herbal tea, snacks, chocolate cake, snacks, seltzer-water, water. Did I mention snacks?

- Slept average 9 or 10 hours per night (was aiming for 12), and also rested and napped.

I learned:
- It helped to let people close to me know what I was doing, and have their support. (Truly, and indeed otherwise they may have thought I was ill, depressed, lazy, etc.)

- It helped that I had a plan and started strong, because the initial days and week were more difficult. But progressing, I breathed easier, relaxed more, and less of a feeling that 'something is missing'.

- In hindsight wished I had truly slept 12 hours per night, because I do absolutely think that would have made this much easier.

- Realized that even though I lapsed and drank 1 cup of coffee on day 6, that wasn't the same thing as failing the entire project. Re-focused and kept at it.

In conclusion, in weeks 35 & 36, I was able to "quit coffee". Woo hoo!

This blog post was pre-published on 2019-12-12.
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Note: The project plan for this project is here: https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-09-05-project-plan-quit-coffee.html