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Blog post review - “Ninja Sales Group” - “Advantages of Using ThriveCart”

By author Morgan Jassen

Upon having read the blog post “Advantages of Using ThriveCart” https://ninjasalesgroup.com/advantages-of-using-thrivecart/, one thing I learned is that ThriveCart is for selling one product at a time (or one productized service at a time).

That's not to say its a simple or simplistic nor trivial solution, (indeed the blog post also says ThriveCart has recurring payments as a feature) just that, as the blog post describes it (paraphrasing), ThriveCart 'doesn't have a shopping cart' so the user will only be able to check out one item at a time.

Before reading this summary I hadn't used nor heard very much of ThriveCart. (I've developed or tinkered with platforms/solutions like osCommerce, and WooCommerce, and PayPal "Buy Now" buttons, so that's my vantage point going into starting to learn about ThriveCart.) Thus this really was a "crash course" so to speak.

Thanks to the “Ninja Sales Group” blog post producer(s) for sharing this summary/review of ThriveCart.

This blog post was pre-published on 2019-09-11.
This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-11-01-blog-review-ninja-thrivecart.html