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Contrast on Sole Proprietorships vs Corporations for Small Businesses

By author Morgan Jassen

"Small time operator"¹ book in the first few chapters doesn’t say much “bad” per se about sole proprietorships as a legal structure for a small business, and notes that of small businesses in the US, most are these ( ~20,000 says the book) 

This in contrast to "Start Your Own Corporation"² book, which if I recall from my last reading a couple years back³, included some notes advising against sole proprietorships as a small business legal structure, and stresses that even a small one-person business should usually strive for corporation status (especially for liability reasons).

I love this contrast between the two books.  Even more so in that the facts the two books contain don't conflict/oppose, and they both use the same /similar vocabulary terms, but the two also do have contrasting opinions /viewpoints. The opinion of each in this context is slanted slightly in favor of a different business legal structure.

In conclusion, after having largely written off sole proprietorship as a barely-valid business model based on previous reading, after new reading with a different viewpoint, I re-consider a sole proprietorship legal structure for what it is and what value it has.

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