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Final report for Project for weeks 31 & 32 (2019)

By author Morgan Jassen

The project plan for this project was (is) here: https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-07-28-project-plan.html
Here's what I did in this two-week-long project sprint:

- On one day, defaulted to listening to a story in target language (Mandarin Chinese) for ~30m.  

- On one day, performed a pre-scripted dialogue (in target language), with someone, for ~5m.

- On one day, I did many hours of conversational speaking with others. (In target language)

- On at least one day, I only did bare-minimum of ~5m. of listening to a story (in target language) with no other usage or conversation.

- For at least one day in the project sprint, defaulted to solitary, book-learning style of learning. For example, copied verbatim written language text from an existing text. This is low fidelity and low interactivity and solitary, but, is a good starting point to at least get minimum practice/learning in, especially if no peers are around.

- At one climactic point in the project spring, my book-learning method of language learning conflicted sharply with my urgent real-life needs. The solution in this case was to integrate the language learning into my real life by putting down the books and instead switching to conversational language learning with my peers, *while* working on other real-life needs. From this encounter, I learned and reinforced the idea that language learning may, and sometimes should be done integrated with one's other life activities. 

- Finally finished transcribing 聖誕老公公的小屋 in target language (Chinese) (Peppa pig [Season 03, Episode 051] 'Santa's grotto')  (e.g. from http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/934139701 )

- Watched an episode of 台灣那麼旺 tv show in target language (Mandarin Chinese)

- Was fortunate that a peer of mine was also working on a chinese language learning project at the same time. Thus was able to, and did, work with them together on this for at least a couple hours, during these two weeks.

- Fortunate to go out of house, to environment (a restaurant) where someone was speaking target language (Mandarin chinese) and I could listen, and I could speak a few words as well.

In conclusion, in weeks 31 & 32, by reading, copying, listening, speaking, conversing, going out, working with others, integrating conversation, addressing conflict with real-life time needs, persistence, daily effort, and some good fortune, I  was able to significantly strengthen my language ability in my target language.

This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-08-11-project-report.html