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Pointing out a Negotiating Tactic of Switching Paradigm Between Dial and Switch During Negotiation

By author Morgan Jassen

So, how about a negotiating tactic of using switch paradigm instead of dial paradigm (spectrum vs ultimatum), or vice versa, whichever swings the argument in ones own favor?

I'm thinking "Logical paradigm vs. rational paradigm" could be another way to describe the same thing.

In other words, during the argument switching not only ones argument but ones paradigm.

To me this tactic has before felt like it shows lack of character by the person who uses it.

However I see people use it, and get short term value out of it, and thus get value out of it.

However I see that a way to work around an opponent who is using this tactic is to refuse to switch paradigms during negotiation. 

This does however depend on realizing one is negotiating, realizing that the other party in a dialogue *is ones opponent*, realizing that what the opponent is doing is trying to switch the paradigm during mid-argument, and also oneself exercising the strength of character to refuse to switch paradigms during negotiation (even at the risk of losing the deal), and also possibly being quick and a good negotiator in general.

In conclusion, this blog post has pointed out, and meditated upon, the idea of switching not only one's argument but one's paradigm, between a switch paradigm and a dial paradigm, during negotiation, in order to gain favor.

This blog post was pre-published on 2019-07-14.
This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-08-01-mid-negotiation-switch-paradigm.html