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Final report for Work-project for weeks 27 & 28 (2019)

By author Morgan Jassen

Here's what I did in this two-week-long work-project sprint:

- Thought daily about the project.
- Cleared a sorting area.
- Chose to keep many items.
- Found a home for many items.
- Chose to not-keep many items.
- Thanked-for-service-and-say-goodbye to many not-keep items.
- Spent time on individual items to prep them or configure them before deciding keep or not-keep. Time intensive and slow progress in this area.
- Saw (and decluttered) 20-year-old stuff side-by-side with 1-year-old stuff. Surreal.
- Got stuck on deciding whether to keep or not-keep pieces of a half-finished project from last year
- When faced with a hard decision, decided to sleep on it.
- Actively decided to keep old project pieces in order to easily continue this project later this year.
- Lost steam partway through the two-weeks project. 
- Realized a benefit of a two-week-long plan, that is having time to re-group and still finish strong! (right?)
- Even on a down day, did de-clutter one single item. Small win!
- Gained steam/momentum back, still within the timeframe of the two-weeks project. 
- Finished sorting one room worth of stuff. Yay!

In conclusion, in weeks 27 & 28, by moving items into a dedicated sorting area, being methodical, and being decisive about my future relationship with each item, I re-organized one room's worth of stuff into a new, tidy configuration. I learned that it's easy to become temporarily burned out partway through a de-cluttering project. I learned how to choose items to keep based on what their future value will be. I learned that with persistence, a strong effort, and small wins, it is possible to tidy an entire room's worth of items into a tidy configuration, within two weeks' time.

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