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Get Passive Income Or Something so that Fear Surrounding Employment Income is not a Crippling Ailment

By author Morgan Jassen In hindsight, I've had a terrible, crippling fear over some past many years, of my income being dependent on a sole employer. This fear has haunted me no matter what employer I was working for. I have observed others with what I think is essentially the same condition. A terrible thing is that it can also be accompanied by a lack of trust, and a lack of trustworthiness, between me and my employer. In principle, the fear is justified. Now recently, I've begun to really realize how valuable -- invaluable -- it would be to have my income separate from my employment. Yet other people it seems have other ways of dealing with this. They are great professional networkers, or they are conference speakers with a stellar professional reputation, or they get, and then maintain, a series of positions with very high salaries, or they have a savings nest egg, or they have family or friends that are willing to support them when they are unemployed, or they are financially independent (literally they are in a state of "financial independence"), or any number of other strategies. Where to go from here? Do something. The fear is justified. So get alternate passive income (towards "financial independence"), or family financial support, or whatever it takes. Let's don't remain crippled because this "ailment" is curable. This blog post was pre-published on 2019-05-16. This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-06-01-employment-not-crippling-ailment.html