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Learning About Some of This Year's Web Performance Tips

By author Morgan Jassen

This post regurgitates some awesome web perfomance tips that I learned today from reading a blog post of the persona of 'Tommy "Terrible Dev" Parnell'. (Shout out thanks to the author for sharing this/these tips.)

Link to the blog post that I read: "5 web perf tips for 2019" https://blog.terrible.dev/5-web-performance-tips-for-2019/

Loved this blog post because:

1.) It taught about Brotli compression, and yesterday my colleague was asking about Brotli (and I was the person just smiling and nodding and thinking to myself "What's Brotli?"), and so now I'm ready to learn more and/or start using Brotli.

2.) The post teaches about Lighthouse and a 2-second steps-to-use Lighthouse (i.e. click in the 'audits' tab in Chrome browser inspector). And this is actually the first I've heard of this tool. But I can foresee I may use it regularly after today.

In conclusion, I learned some web performance tips, including Brotli and Lighthouse.

This blog post was pre-published on 2019-04-17.
This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-05-01-web-performance-brotli-lighthouse.html