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By author Morgan Jassen

Learning About Penny Stocks - An Example of an Over-the-counter Listed Company

Recently I wrote about What are Penny Stocks and how to Learn More about Penny Stocks?. I read about over-the-counter stocks.

I didn't know an example of one.

Then I was looking at job listings for a company that I have reason to be a real, established company, with an actual physical office near me. ( Dassault Systèmes http://www.3ds.com/ )

I looked more at their website to find more about them, including investor information. I looked on wikipedia. It led me to find that they are listed on an "over-the-counter" market, which led me here: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/DASTY/quote

The price at time (2016-Dec-04) of first draft of this post (before publishing) seemed to be 80-something dollars a share. So I'm not sure it's considered a "penny stock" or not.

(Note: Subsequently, the price at time (2019-Mar-16) of second draft of this post seems to be 140-something dollars a share [at the ^same link/page]) 

I'm coming from a relatively ignorant mindset -- one who wouldn't know the difference between the term "penny stocks" in reality vs. the scenes about "penny stocks" from the movie "Wolf of Wall Street" ¹. So looking back on this post later it'll probably be evident that I hardly knew much. But I'm learning and that's what I'm here to do. 

Plus I currently have limited knowledge about Dassault Systèmes company, and don't mean to say that it's a good nor bad nor other company -- it's merely that I've heard of the company in the real world by 1.) having walked by their physical campus a few times and seen their building signage and people coming and going and 2.) having browsed their website a bit.

In conclusion, I'm learning more about penny stocks and the OTC exchange, including having researched a bit about one company that seems to be listed on the "OTC exchange" (which also I am learning of/about at the same time).

¹ "The Wolf of Wall Street" {(DVD - 2014), [Los Angeles, CA] : Paramount, [2014]} https://bpl.bibliocommons.com/item/show/1108626044_the_wolf_of_wall_street

This blog post first published at https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-03-16-penny-stocks-II.html