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By author Morgan Jassen

What are Penny Stocks and how to Learn More about Penny Stocks?

I heard of "penny stocks" but don't know where they trade. So I bing-searched a bit. After reading a couple articles that weren't helpful, I found this one that pointed to places where so-called "penny stocks" are traded.


Assuming the article is factual, I learned from it that there's not just one singular marketplace where penny stocks are traded -- instead "penny stocks" is a term for stocks that buy and sell at low prices.

According to the article, penny stocks may be traded on "Nasdaq Small Cap" market, or on AMEX market, or on Toronto Stock Exchange, or direct from some companies themselves.

The article also had some warnings about where NOT to buy penny stocks, and some caveats. Thus the article gained my trust a bit that way. (by seeming to give a balanced analysis)

After having read the article, I still feel I know little about penny stocks. I now think that penny stocks will be similar to other investments in some ways-- with investing here is the possibility of opportunity, risk, reward, and loss. If I want to buy a company's stock, then I should try to learn about the company and the ecosystem. The more I know about it the better off I'll be. I'll try to learn more when I can, to start to better decide how, and if, to invest in any penny stock.

I conclusion, I learned more about penny stocks including some possible places to trade them. 

Published at: https://investorworker.com/2019/2019-03-15-what-are-penny-stocks.html