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For a Professional Worker how Scarcity and Abundance Mindsets Affect Quantity of Job Offers

By author Morgan Jassen

I've blogged about treating one's employment status as an investment for sale¹, a couple of times about the notion of scarcity (vs. abundance, and how it affects finances/income)²³, and once about how, for the middle class, there always seems to be just enough work income to cover expenses (and no more).⁴

This post exposes a different level of how a scarcity mindset can affect one's income and one's work.

A different level is this: With a scarcity mindset, a professional worker who is seeking a job will get just enough job-offers to match job-offers-accepted, and no more.

In other words, as a professional worker, if one has a scarcity mindset, and that mindset permeates into finding employment, then there will be a scarcity of job offers. Because they feel like there is, towards which they can move, a scarcity of available jobs, one will tend to work at a job past the time when they should have found a better one. Then when they do make the move, they look for just long enough to find the first job offer, and if it is minimally acceptable then they take it because they feel like there is a scarcity of jobs and so they are afraid they will not meet another offer for a long time. Then the cycle repeats, working at this job for as long as possible until they feel they are forced to switch again. A downward spiral.

That's it! That's the concept I wanted to cover. 

What is the take-away? Where to go from here?

One place where to go, is to tune into an abundance mindset, and let it permeate one's professional worker career. If one believes there is an abundance of jobs, then one will search for them and find them. Encouraged by the idea that there are an abundance of jobs, then one will be encouraged to often look for a job. Even when one has an average job, and no matter whether currently employed or not, one will search for, and find, good opportunities. Of course by common sense when one encounters a good opportunity, one will follow up on it. And subsequently the abundance-minded professional will get job offers. And since they maintain an abundance mindset, they won't feel compelled to accept every job offer just because it is being offered, but will instead tend to accept the job offers that are good offers.

In conclusion, in addition to negatively affecting other aspects of a professional worker's life and finances, a scarcity mindset minimizes the quantity of jobs offers a professional worker receives, and also compels a professional worker to accept the first job offer that they receive. One answer will be to tune into an abundance mindset.

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