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For a Web Developer How to get Contact Email Address for A Company That Doesn't Publish It on Their Website

By author Morgan Jassen

Sometimes I have a problem. I want to contact a company that I just learned about recently, about something important. However the company doesn't have a published contact email address or contact form, or doesn't have one welcoming anything other than new sales prospect inquiries.

For example last year when I wanted to get an initial contact email, in order to find a second more appropriate contact email, to follow up on a Web Developer job application cover letter & resume that I sent the week before.

A possible solution.

Sign up for the company's marketing email newsletter subscription. (if they have one. I found often they do.)

I find that very often, I will get an email confirming the newsletter subscription, and that email will contain an email address welcoming the newsletter subscriber to contact the company's marketing group with questions.

This seems fair in a way -- I'm looking for the email address to contact the company, and I can get one by first giving them mine. A fair trade.

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