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Rich People Problems Start When the Rich Person Mindset Starts

By author Morgan Jassen

In the book "Rich Dad's Increase your Financial IQ"*, the persona of Kiyosaki (the author) says poor people have problems; not enough money -- and rich people have problems; too much money.

This is fascinating, as half of this thought hadn't crossed my mind, and certainly not put so concisely.

The part that hadn't crossed my mind is that rich people have problems, nor that "too much money" could be a problem.

However the persona of Kiyosaki in the book takes it even further and lists a bullet-point list of specitic examples/items what poor, and rich, people's problems usually are.

I would like to say though that upon hearing this, and meditating on it for a while, that I believe that this (that not only poor people but also rich people have problems) largely true, and also *ADD* that this is the case *from the very first millisecond*.

What I mean is that the first moment when a person starts changing their mindset from less that of a poor person to more that of a rich person, is the moment when a person starts escaping from some poor people problems but also is the moment when said person starts facing  some rich people problems. 

For example I decide from this moment I "am a rich person" (à la kiyosaki's "Rich Dad"** book's Rich Dad character/persona), and, then from that moment I can already start to feel how my friends/family will react when I start talking and acting like a rich person.

I know they will judge me as "snobby", "greedy" "cheap", "a scrooge", "uncaring", "cold", "lazy", "not hard working", "doesn't work for their money", and/or "arrogant" from that moment on (in certain important situations). 

It's good to realize that the "rich people problems" may start *with the mindset change* and not actually with the change-in-dollar-income. Not easy to know, but good to know. 

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