2019 Blog Posts

[Draft] 2019-10-01 - Positive Money Awareness -- Book Review of Author Persona Carlson’s “Don't Sweat... Money” Book

[Draft] 2019-09-01 - Contrast on Sole Proprietorships vs Corporations for Small Businesses

[Draft] 2019-08-01 - Pointing out a Negotiating Tactic of Switching Paradigm Between Dial and Switch During Negotiation

2019-07-18 - Project Plan for 2019 Week 29 and 30

2019-07-17 - Final report for Work-project for weeks 27 & 28 (2019)

2019-07-17 - Project Plan for 2019 Week 27 and 28

2019-07-01 - Could a Unit Investment Trust be Set up as a Company that Only Holds One Stock?

2019-06-05 - How to Create a GPS Track and then Download it as a GPX File from

2019-06-02 - How to SSH into Raspberry Pi Including Overcoming Network error Connection refused Message

2019-06-02 - Finances as a Team Sport

2019-06-01 - Get Passive Income Or Something so that Fear Surrounding Employment Income is not a Crippling Ailment

2019-05-31 - How to Check Email with Thunderbird Mail Client

2019-05-29 - How to Make a Minimalistic GPX File Containing Just Two Waypoints

2019-05-28 - How to Make an Online Address Book with Installing phpLiteAdmin on Web Hosting

2019-05-02 - Here is a List of Transfer Agents for Direct Stock Purchase Plans aka DSPPs

2019-05-01 - Learning About Some of This Year's Web Performance Tips

2019-04-11 - Posie's Burgers LLC Fictional Example of an LLC

2019-03-16 - Learning About Penny Stocks - An Example of an Over-the-counter Listed Company

2019-03-15 - What are Penny Stocks and how to Learn More about Penny Stocks?

2019-03-07 - Noting the Persona of Suze Orman Some Ideas About Money Fears

2019-03-01 - What is a Minimum Yearly Dollar Amount Needed to Sustain an LLC?

2019-02-09 - For a Professional Worker how Scarcity and Abundance Mindsets Affect Quantity of Job Offers

2019-02-02 - For a Web Developer How to get Contact Email Address for A Company That Doesn't Publish It on Their Website

2019-01-21 - Rich People Problems Start When the Rich Person Mindset Starts