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Company and Employee Caring Before Hiring¹

By author Morgan Jassen

I want my company to care about me before they hire me.

Back up one step.

I feel sad when I'm looking for a job and I go through part of the interview process and then a company decides they don't want me.

I also feel sad when a company lets me go from my job.

Fast forward again-- therefore,

I want my company to care about me before they hire me. That way they would do all they could to hire me.

I want my company to care about me after they let me go. That way they would do all they could to not let me go.

How could a company do this?

For the former, they could host open-houses and networking/learning events at their venue, welcoming prospective employees from the public.

For the latter, they could provide their employees career growth resources, and compensate them well.

I guess I'm getting into full-on human resources talent acquisition stuff here.

But how to get any of this? I am not my company, I'm not in HR or a hiring manager.

I'll have to turn it around and see how far I can take it -- double-edged sword, two way street, etc.

A company (or hiring manager or HR person) probably feels sad if I don't care about them.

They want to see me do well before I arrive and after I'm let go.

They want me to network with them before I'm hired.

They want me to participate in, and request, career growth activities, and they want me to be accepting of a good compensation package.

So of all the above, what is in my control?

I can choose a few good companies, and start caring about them. One of them, of course, can be my current employer (if I'm currently employed). I can attend their open-house networking/learning events. I can participate in career growth activities that align with the company's values, and I can express my desire for a good compensation package.

That's what I can do.

So I'll do it!

Note: This post was pre-published on Sept 01, 2018.

¹[2018-09-26 Edit: Some Ideas I feel are really the same as what the persona of Brooke Allen was saying i.e. as referenced in "Brooke Allen - The Idea of Care and Community in Hiring" https://investorworker.com/2016.php#2016-11-08 thus I need to mention this attribution to that here. In addition though I feel I've developed the thoughts further here above (i.e. by adding ideas of what the person in the role of employee/candidate feels and what the employee/candidate can do.)]
[2018-Nov. Note: This blog post was republished in November 2018 at https://investorworker.com/2018/ ]