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Knowing more About One's Food (Article Review)

By author Morgan Jassen

tags: #stretching

I read this quick blog post, by the persona of Mike Hurney ( https://massrealestate.net/author/mike/ ) (whose persona I followed because I've seen their habit of posting about financial-investing-related topics.)

This time around, there's this post (linked here below) about a book about knowing more about one's food.

"Victoria’s recommending – How Not to Die, Michael Greger MD" https://massrealestate.net/victorias-recommending-not-die-michael-greger-md/

Here are some of my take-aways from having read this quick blog post.

- Note: I'm tagging this under "#stretching". Why? Stretching is, on a higher level, about my goal of being healthy. And so I'm also tagging this "#stretching" tag on health-related topics such as meditation, mindfulness, exercise, and diet.

- The post indicates the book is about knowing more about one's food. This implies an accompanying empowerment to be healthy through a mindful food diet.

- It's mentioned that some meat has salt added to it, which allows it to retain water and thus be heavier. (thus in the commodity market allowing it to be sold for a better price) My thought: amazing! I didn't know this. And I'm glad I now know this. I haven't been needing to watch my salt recently, but still, this raises questions about not only the purity of the food, but of the ethics of the meat vendor(s). Now, if I see a choice of two chicken to buy, and check the salt content, I'll be better able to accurately "weigh" my options (pun intended)

- Thanks to Mike's persona for having shared this. I'll bookmark it and consider coming back and reading the book that is the focus of the blog post!

Note: This post was pre-published on Jun 23, 2018.

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