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Rich Dad Two Years Later

By author Morgan Jassen

About two years have passed since I went on a reading spree of "Rich Dad" books.

(Kiyosaki & co.'s Rich Dad, plus Rich Woman, and Rich Dad Corporations)

I am grateful to have realized that I want what the book calls financial independence.

Also I hope that all who want financial independence, get it. I envision a world where everyone is wealthy, and is BOTH working for money AND investing for money, at the same time, the two paradigms being not exclusive of each other.

But in the two years since, I and those I know have hardly come any closer to financial independence.


I had thought the wanting of the financial independence would somehow bring it about, spark conversations and make it start to come about, especially given two years' time.

What I realize more and more, is there is what can be seen as two parts. there is the wanting financial independence, and then there is the taking-action-to-get financial independence.

I'm still realizing that I don't know a good next step in taking-action-to-get financial independence.

It's good that I know I want it. but now I still need to figure out a way to take action to get it.

Getting it is not as easy as I had thought, and is taking longer than I had thought somehow.

Two years and feels like little has changed.

However I can feel my mindset is changing slowly towards tuning in to abundance and towards financial independence. So I'm grateful for that. I'll keep working at it for the next two, five, and more years.

May everyone be able to attain the level of wealth they desire!

Note: This post was pre-published on Jan 18, 2018.

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