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December 2017 New Professional Networking Formula

By author Morgan Jassen

Professional Networking. The goal is to grow professionally and share professional knowledge and opportunities with other professionals, ongoing. 

Before I've had different formulas for Professional networking. (e.g. "Focusing My Professional Networking Strategy Yet Again" (2017-02-23 blog post)) A big part of this is to do this regardless of one's current employment status, although in theory this could help for job searching as well. However it's designed for much more than that, for example staying tuned into investment opportunities, job opportunities, social, political, friendship, spiritual opportunities, or more.

Here's a new one, somewhat different:

1.) Once-per-two-weeks, attend a relevant local, in-person professional networking event.
2.) 1 Week before the event, invite 3 colleagues to either meet you there or go with you (me).
3.) At the event, mention the names of one or more companies (and group in the company) you (I) am interested in, asking them what they can tell you(me) aboout. Also ask them what they are working on or interested in. Listen.

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