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A New Chapter in My Professional Career and Growing Value Inside and Outside the Company

By author Morgan Jassen

A new chapter opens in my professional career. I started as a Support Analyst I in the Web Hosting industry. So far I like it, and it's challenging in a good way. There's lots to learn, and room to grow. It also fits in with my life and career growth at this point, which still involves growing through stretching, investing, working, and mingling. There seems to be room for all of these integrated with this new opportunity. The current feeling aligns with the idea of a Software Technical Support Specialist, looking for my next opportunity. I'll keep the mindset that there's an abundance of opportunity, and that it this opportunity is plentiful and exists where I am now, with what I currently have. I'm enjoying networking professionally both (simultaneously) within, and outside, of my new company, and striving to learn and grow professionally ongoing, to work together to grow value with all my colleagues.

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