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Doing Early Testing for a WordPress-based Page Builder Plugin Software

By author Morgan Jassen

A colleague (Sam Brodie of https://offsprout.com/ ) invited me to do early testing for a WordPress-based Page Builder Plugin.

I tested the plugin, and submitted feedback on my colleague's feedback form.

I was glad to be able to see this new technology, this new solution, early on!

I was a bit concerned because the target of the plugin is web developers, who have paying clients, who might want to use the plugin, and I haven't been doing much web development lately, more tech support.

However I felt that just being to use the plugin, trying to figure it out, and learn it, that my subsequent software user feedback could be valuable to my colleague. 

In the end I felt that we would both benefit. I learned a bit about a new software, and my colleague got one person's genuine feedback on their software.

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