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Final Report for Software Technical Support Work-project for Weeks 31 & 32 (2017)

By author Morgan Jassen

Here's what I did in this two-week-long software technical support work-project sprint:

Made replies on these forum threads:

Looking back on how I did compared to my plan. I'm realizing that I did ok in terms of progressing support threads, but not so well in terms of joining the every-other-week team meeting, and not so well in terms of meeting in-person at least once per week with a colleague. Therefore I'm now again considering whether to drop the latter two goals, or to double down on them and do a better job, or, alternatively instead replace them with attendance on the w.org #forums slack chat instead. My first/current thought is to double down on them, keep them on the plan, and do a better job.

In conclusion, in weeks 31 & 32, by progressing some user support threads, I supported, and learned about, the WooCommerce and WordPress software in a Technical Support Specialist capacity.
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