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How to Configure / Setup LinkedIn Company Updates plugin for WordPress

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

How to configure / setup the LinkedIn Company Updates plugin, with screeshots.

Applies to:
LinkedIn Company Updates plugin v. 1.5.3
WordPress v. 4.7.3

Here's a link to the LinkedIn Company Updates plugin for WordPress:

To make this how-to, I used the installation instructions (and "Using the Plugin" steps), here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/company-updates-for-linkedin/installation/

Also, there is a video of how to do it here, which I think will help greatly. Although it looks like a slightly older version of the plugin so both that, and this how-to, might be useful! This video on this page here: http://www.rockwellgrowth.com/linkedin-company-updates/

Without further ado, here are steps of one way to do it:

Screenshot 1 of 17. Install the plugin:

Screenshot 2 of 17. Activate the plugin:

Screenshot 3 of 17. Browse to the "Settings" -> "LinkedIn Company Updates" settings page:

Screenshot 4 of 17. Go to developer.linkedin.com and go into the app (that you've already created. not covered here how to create it. see the video mentioned above as that covers how to create a LinkedIn app!):

Screenshot 5 of 17. A view of the developers app in LinkedIn. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret:

Screenshot 6 of 17. Paste the Client Id and Client Secret into the WordPress plugin:

Screenshot 7 of 17. Copy the Redirect URL from the WordPress plugin and add it to the LinkedIn developers app...:

Screenshot 8 of 17. ...and click "Update" in the LinkedIn app:

Screenshot 9 of 17. It becomes saved in the LinkedIn app:

Screenshot 10 of 17. In the WordPress plugin, attempt to get an Access Token by clicking the "Authorize Me" button:

Screenshot 11 of 17. The LinkedIn app tells us "Missing client_id. A valid client_id is required to proceed.":

Screenshot 12 of 17. Go to our LinkedIn company page and copy the company id from the url:

Screenshot 13 of 17. Paste the company id into the WordPress plugin's "Company ID" field, and click save:

Screenshot 14 of 17. The plugin settings become saved:

Screenshot 15 of 17. Now we want to move forward with the configuration, and at the same time get past that pesky "Linkedin Company Updates – no valid access token found, your Linkedin feed will not display. Generate a new one here" message that we've been seeing at the top. Now with the new settings in place, we again attempt to get an Access Token by clicking the "Authorize Me" button:

Screenshot 16 of 17. It worked. In the WordPress plugin we see a message: "Your LinkedIn authorization token has been successfully updated!", and, now there's an indication of the existence of an Access Token. also there are new options in the "Shortcode info" section on the sidebar:

Screenshot 17 of 17. To reward myself, I click save, and see the "Settings saved." message. At this time if I have some air freshener or some Febreze®*, I spray some into the air, smile, relax, and pat myself on the back for a job well done:

We're done here. At this point one should be able to put the shortcode on a page, browse to it from the front end, and see the LinkedIn updates feed. But for the scope of this how-to, we'll just assume that works and that all will go to plan.

That's it! This has been a how-to, on how to configure / setup the LinkedIn Company Updates plugin. With screenshots.

*I'm not affiliated with, nor endorsing the Febreze® product.

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