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Final Report for 2017-02-17 WordPress Plugin Developer Work-project

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

This is the "Final Report" for the work project outlined here:
"Plan for 2017-02-17 WordPress Plugin Developer Volunteer-work-project" (http://w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶/2017.php?2017-02-11#2017-02-11)

What happened during the work project, and what did I learn?

- I followed up and/or replied to these threads:

* https://wordpress.org/sup...atible-11/#post-8817037
* "incompatible" https://wordpress.org/.../incompatible-11/#post-8822597
* https://wordpress.o...pulling-images-when-sharing-to-twitter/#post-8836677

- Then, I still wanted to support this thread: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/change-date-formatting/. And so I finally got zoho mail service (https://www.zoho.com/workplace/pricing.html?src=zmail (at the time of this posting)) configured with my dns provider, so I was able to get an @w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ email address working, and so I was able to get a LinkedIn company (https://www.linkedin.com/company/11048488 at the time of this posting) created, and did get the "LinkedIn Company Updates" plugin (company-updates-for-linkedin) running on my dev server and working! However I lost my momentum at that point. (To be continued?...)

Descriptive screenshot 1, of attempted LinkedIn WordPress integration:


Descriptive screenshot 2, of attempted LinkedIn WordPress integration:


- Then, I dug into the symptom whereby the gold-price plugin hasn't been working for a couple of weeks, likely because the service that it depends on has been down. I drafted, and then started coding, a plugin to be a "helper plugin" that would pull feeds from yahoo.com's free feed api. Here's a link to the repository where I put this code in its current state: https://github.com/mjassen/mzz-goldfeed However I did get very bogged down, especially when I saw that yahoo's feed for the XAUUSD=X (gold oz.) csv feed isn't updating at this time, not even daily. So that plugin is now halted for now until I can find a better feed source. However, I did have this complete solution that came out of this mess. This "Cron hello world" plugin that demonstrates WordPress cron. (My gold-price plugin fix/patch was going to depend on WordPress cron) This is a link to the blog post about the complete cron hello world solution: "Mzz-cron-helloworld Plugin to Showcase
Minimalistic WordPress Cron Functionality" http://w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶/2017.php?2017-03-02#2017-03-02

Descriptive screenshot 3, of database during attempted Yahoo api WordPress integration:


- Also, then I culled my rss feed of plugins that I'm following/supporting to these twenty-eight (28) plugins: a-z-listing, comment-notifier, company-updates-for-linkedin, custom-stock-widget, easy-support-videos, gold-price, hookpress, hyperdb, image-widget, import-users-from-csv-with-meta, lockdown-wp-admin, restricted-site-access, simple-local-avatars, simple-map, simple-page-ordering, simple-post-expiration, simple-social-icons, stock-ticker, wp-cron-control, wp-crontrol, wp-event-calendar, wp-rest-api-controller, wp-tab-widget, wp-term-images, wp-user-activity, wp-user-avatars, wp-user-profiles, wps-hide-login

- Then I replied to a couple (one or two) other threads. Overall, it was a week of reading & replying a few threads, doing a lot of coding, and then getting a bit burned out before deciding that I'll need to break and re-group.

Where to go from here? I'm not going to do another "WordPress Plugin Developer Volunteer-work-project" two-week project immediately following this one. I learned a lot, and now it's time for me to step back for a short while, re-focus, and decide what is a good next step to continue on my learning journey!

In conclusion, this has been my Final Report of what happened, and what I learned, during my 2017-02-17 WordPress Plugin Developer Work-project. To some extent, I fizzled out and didn't finish as strongly as I had hoped. However all was not lost. I learned some things about Web Development, and I trust I'll be able to use this knowledge to become a better developer on my next project.

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