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Focusing My Professional Networking Strategy Yet Again

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

I re-did my professional networking list, yet again, and this time focused it way more.

I want to focus on professional people cultures. I've now decided this means:
"Focusing on following people, both online and in-person, from companies where the culture is like a synergistic gravity that feels like it's drawing other professionals in."

That's one way to describe it. In the last iteration of my professional networking list, I was focusing more on following professional individuals, online and in-person.

The difference now is adding the company element.

I want to learn about both the people *as well as* their company/profession.

It turns out that many of the individual personas that I had been following will stay on my list, and some won't. (They'll stay on the list if/since they are working with one of these synergistic-professional companies.)

It's arbitrary I know, but I really want to focus on these concentrated centers around which emanates a discernable feeling of professionalism, both on the group level and on the individual level.

I feel bad because I'm sad to leave professionals off the list, because I still want to follow them, interact with them, help them, and learn from them. But I don't feel *overly* bad. Why? Because I have a feeling I'll run across their personas as well, exactly because they are professionals and so I think they'll also be interacting in some way with the companies/people on my new list! (either online or in-person)

So here's my list. I found these companies where I've discerned groups of individual people tuning into a synergistic professional gravity that I feels attracts and grows professionalism, both in-person and online:

10up (Remote) ( https://twitter.com/10up )
Automattic (Remote) ( https://automattic.com/about/ )
Bocoup (Boston) ( https://bocoup.com/weblog )
MIT Libraries (Cambridge) ( http://libraries.mit.edu/news/ )
Buildium (Boston) ( https://www.buildium.com/blog/ )
Wistia (Cambridge) ( https://wistia.com/blog )
Linchpin (Pawtucket, RI) ( https://twitter.com/linchpin_agency )

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