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Take-aways from Having Read Blog Article on Web Marketing Strategy Development

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

I sometimes follow the public online publishings of the persona of Anthony Tourville. ( http://www.bartlettinteractive.com/...team/anthony... ) I've seen they've had a habit of publishing internet marketing -related posts, and so I'm glad to be able to have the opportunity to read them.

This time around, I came across this article and read it:
"25 Must-Know Trends For Marketing Strategy Development" http://www.bartlettinteractive.com/blog/marketing-strategy-development

Thanks to Anthony's persona, for having made the effort to create and share this blog post! From it I've learned something about internet marketing.

The article goes over 25 things to look for when considering how to market to one's audience in the present day. The article includes numerous statistics, including images of charts and graphs of statistics. The article highlights the importance of digital and mobile, among many other things.

What are my take-aways after having read the blog post?

- I liked seeing the ten-thousand-mile view of how the digital marketing landscape looks currently. The blog article felt like it was looking objectively at a marketing strategy that anyone could use to improve their marketing in this day and age.

- I liked the positive tone of the article. Specifically the post mentions that it's important to already have a digital marketing strategy that includes focusing on current trends, but that not to worry, if one doesn't already have a strategy then there's still time -- it's better to get started now because there's still time.

- I liked the fact that the blog article included graphs and charts with specific numbers, including statistics from across the years, including the past years and the future years. One statistic included a projection for 2021! The value I see here is that the numbers add a feeling of objectivity to the analysis and make it feel like it's unbiased, like it's based on fact.

- I liked that the beginning states that it's important to align marketing strategy with trends. This sets the tone, and from the beginning, gives me a concrete reason why I should be paying attention to the 25 trends that are outlined in the rest of the article. It tells me why I should care; why this information is valuable to me.

In conclusion, this was a summary of the "25 Must-Know Trends For Marketing Strategy Development" blog post, as well as some of my take-aways from having read it.

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