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Commentary on Commentary on Today is My Wandering Day and Yes this is Commentary on Commentary

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

Following http://www.derekchristensen.com, I read this blog post with excerpt with brief commentary:

"Today is My Wandering Day" http://www.derekchristensen.com/today-wandering-day/

Having read this in the post, I also like this. The reason why I like it because all three characters (Albert, Frances, and Gloria) in the excerpt have a strong character and all three accurately communicate their character to each of their peers in the excerpt.

Thanks to the authors and publishers involved.

Update: I since left a brief comment to this effect below the blog post on derekchristensen.com, and see now that it has been approved -- so thanks also to derekchristensen.com admin (looks like the author Derek themselves) for having let my comment through, and also for having replied!)

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