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In November 2017 Susanjeanrobertson.com Has Developed Their Blog to Better Handle Blogging Short Thoughts

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

This past month, November 2017, even though I just realized it now at the end of the month, susanjeanrobertson.com has been really nailing it on topics regarding surrounding life balance. They've been on fire, writing about Life-Balance-y topics.

I came across a link to the susanjeanrobertson.com blog elsewhere related to web development.

This month they have written surrounding life balance, for example how they have been stepping away from twitter. This past month of November 2017 specifically, they have developed their blog out more to handle the different style of blogging short thoughts instead of tweeting on twitter.

To see what I'm referring to, one can go to:

, then click on "Notes" at the top menu, that brings one to:

, then click on one note (for example the note entitled "Notes" (28 November 2016), or the note entitled "Savasana" (30 November 2016)), which bring one to the note like the following two (respectively) These:
https://www.susanjeanrobertson.com/notes/notes/ (this one they write "...you may just think I’m writing smaller things. But the reality is that I’ve added a whole new section to my site...")

I'm really excited to read more about this paradigm of moving away from social media **but at the same time staying active as ever on one's blog**. I'm also thinking that it'd be a good idea to remain active blogging, while stepping back from twitter. ( Or at least limiting the focus, and frequency, of what I'm tweeting about.) And so reading what someone else is also doing in this area, is really inspiring to me at this juncture! Thanks to the author/publisher of susanjeanrobertson.com for having shared about making this shift!

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