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2016 Blog Posts

 2016-12-29 - Olsen Light WordPress Theme How to Create a Child Theme

 2016-12-28 - Thoughts on Having Read Rich Woman Book

 2016-12-26 - Once Again With the Water-Drinking from the Beaver Mug

 2016-12-25 - Viewing the Slideshow of a Professional and so Learning About Real Web Development Processes

 2016-12-24 - Learning by Making A Style With Elements from the Twenty Sixteen Theme

 2016-12-23 - Learning about Stock-investing by Playing a Virtual Stock Market Game

 2016-12-22 - Learning Web Development from Ryelle.codes Blog Post on "WordPress REST API React/Redux helpers"

 2016-12-21 - To Make My Life Better I want to Invest in a Cash-flowing Financial Asset and I Want Everyone To Too

 2016-12-20 - Gaining Inspiration from Entrepreneurs Investing by Infringing on Pokemon GO and by Counterfeiting Lead Nickels

 2016-12-19 - Starting Learning About Investing

 2016-12-18 - How to Find Investors Entrepreneurs and Business-people from Whom to Learn?

 2016-12-17 - What is One Average of a Web Developer Salary in 2016? -- Spoiler alert: it is $71,694.50

 2016-12-16 - In Stock Investing What is a Reverse Split?

 2016-12-15 - (Not) Choosing a Stock Investment (in Starbucks Stock) Based on Emotion

 2016-12-14 - A High Performing Web Developer Properly Reads and Reacts to the Emotions of Others

 2016-12-13 - Being a Blogger and Learning how to Live With Broken Links

 2016-12-12 - Reading to Learn About Financial Bonds

 2016-12-11 - Becoming a more Professional Web Developer By Discussing Business and Money at Work

 2016-12-10 - On Ubuntu on Virtualbox Using Samba Server Instead of Virtualbox File Sharing

 2016-12-09 - Financially Investing in One's Own Employment Status

 2016-12-08 - How to (Not) Become CEO

 2016-12-07 - In 2016 and 2017 Some Goals and Principles to Guide Career and Life

 2016-12-05 - Thoughts on Intercom's "Wistia’s Jeff Vincent on solving customer problems" Interview Transcript

 2016-12-02 - Maintaining a WordPress Plugin on the .org Repository is a Significant Effort but is Rewarding

 2016-12-01 - When Nobody Else is talking About it - How to Learn what is an Average Pay Rate in my Area

 2016-11-28 - Asking a Professional Colleague (Friend) to Come Along with me on my Job Interview (for Moral Support)

 2016-11-26 - The Goal of an employee Working is Sharing

 2016-11-25 - Trying out a Form of School that Consists of Blogging about weekly Goals Progress

 2016-11-24 - Kate For Windows how to Make the Line-numbering Match up with the Lines

 2016-11-23 - The Huge Difference Between Software Customer Support vs. Professional Services Software Customer Support

 2016-11-22 - Challenge - How to Serialize a String to JSON in PHP

 2016-11-21 - Researching Computershare Direct Stock Purchase Plans and Gaining Empowerment in Financial Investing and in Life

 2016-11-20 - Computer Programmer Career Goals Expressed in a Strict Format for the Short and Medium and Long Term

 2016-11-19 - Buildium Boston Combines Forces with Wistia Cambridge to Publish Customer Success Story

 2016-11-18 - For a Web Developer the Importance of an Abundance Mindset to Professional References

 2016-11-17 - As a Web Developer or Software Support Person - Salary is a Problem that One Needs help to Solve

 2016-11-16 - Upon Observing Four Tweets -- Four Problems that Today a Web Developer Might Face

 2016-11-15 - List of 10 Local (Boston Area) Companies that I Admire

 2016-11-14 - Partial Summary of WPEngine 10up Interview Including Web Development Problems and How 10uppers Address such Problems

 2016-11-13 - A Web Developer's Performance is Subjective not Quantitative

 2016-11-12 - For a Web Developer Creating Value and Not Being a Fixed-value Undervalued Commodity

 2016-11-11 - Workaround for Ubuntu 12.04 Unity on Compaq Presario with HP Monitor Symptom of Suddenly Crashing and Displaying Login Screen

 2016-11-10 - Seven Days of Hydrated Water-drinking Non-coffee-drinking Sweaty Odd Ugly Software Development and Support Engineer Self-discipline Training

 2016-11-09 - A Colleague's Project Learning About React.js

 2016-11-08 - Brooke Allen - The Idea of Care and Community in Hiring

 2016-11-07 - With Colleagues Working and Learning About SharePoint

 2016-11-06 - Web Developer Professionalism

 2016-11-05 - For a Semi-introverted Software Development and Support Engineer how to Network Professionally and Actively Put Oneself in the Middle of a Network of High-Status Professionals

 2016-11-04 - What Plain Text Editor Has All These Desirable Functionalities?

 2016-11-03 - For a Web Developer how to Advance My Career Through Networking?

 2016-11-02 - How TJD (Target Job Deconstruction) Helped me with My Current Job

 2016-11-01 - It Was Time to Take a Break from WordPress for a While but Keep Blogging about Software Development and Support 

 2016-10-31 - For a Software Development and Support Engineer What About Making Networking into an Asset and Placing a Dollar Value on It?

 2016-10-31 - Thoughts on Having Listened to Delivering Happiness AudioBook (audio book by Tony Hsieh)

 2016-10-30 - Previously Unpublished Rant from a Few Years Ago on Support Not Being a Thing

 2016-10-29 - As a Software Developer Exercising my Ability to take a Break from Answering a Software Behavior Question

 2016-10-28 - My Software Developer and Support Engineer Blog is my Career

 2016-10-27 - Working and Investing and A Successful Software Engineer Career

 2016-10-26 - My Goal of Financial Independence and how to Reach it Via Web Developer Professionalism

 2016-10-24 - Proposing Steps to Author a Public Professional Review To Learn and to Help Career Development

 2016-10-11 - Testing Early Version of Mzz-stat WordPress Plugin

 2016-10-01 - Regarding the Idea that Software Running on a Computer is a Person and does the work of a Person

 2016-09-29 - Web Developer Work Conversations in the Context of the Company's Bottom Line

 2016-09-19 - For a Software Developer is a Salary More Like a Dial or Like a Switch?

 2016-09-16 - For a Software Developer How to Deal with Fear and Vulnerability that Comes with Certain Kinds of Consistency

 2016-09-06 - Software Developer One Specific Professional Networking Tip And How It Has Worked for Me 

 2016-09-05 - For a Software Development and Support Engineer How to Become Better at Something

 2016-09-04 - 23 Questions Regarding American Professional Cultural Truths Around Performance and Professionalism and Identity and Pay Rate

 2016-09-03 - Moving Web Server from Linux Desktop OS to Linux Server OS

 2016-09-02 - In Order to Become a Better Software Developer Focusing on WordPress Plugins

 2016-09-01 - Professional Calendar and To-do List Makeover

 2016-08-31 - For a Software Developer How to Network 

 2016-08-30 - WordPress Plugin Development Recovery

 2016-08-29 - Updated To-Do List for Mzz-stat Plugin for WordPress 

 2016-08-28 - Notes from During Developing PHP WordPress Software

 2016-08-27 - Software PHP WordPress Developer Update About Using Git and Github.com

 2016-08-01 - As a Software Developer Some Things I have Developed

 2016-07-15 - On Beginning the Journey of Moving from a Lower-level to a Senior-level Software Development and Support Engineer

 2016-07-03 - Support is Being There 

 2016-07-02 - Driven Support Not Free

 2016-07-01 - On Software Development and Support Engineer Pay Rate

 2016-06-30 - Communicate with the Customer

 2016-06-29 - For a Software Developer When Overwhelmed by Urgent Requests Actionable ways To Overcome the Feeling of Powerlessness

 2016-06-28 - 35-Year-old Developer Learns To Bullshit

 2016-06-27 - How to React to Possible Bullshitting Situation and Options to Reply

 2016-06-26 - Software Support and Development Engineer Techniques to Only do Important Tasks and Not Do Bullshit Tasks

 2016-06-25 - As a Software Development and Support Engineer Failing and Succeeding

 2016-06-24 - What Support is for a Software Support and Development Engineer

 2016-06-23 - Listening to Carrie Dils officehours.fm podcast “A Dynamik Change to a Pricing Model, Episode 79” ( http://officehours.fm/podcast/79-2/ )

 2016-06-22 - As a Software Development and Support Engineer I need to do fewer things and do them quicker.

 2016-06-19 - Two-way Proactive Synchronous Support – Merging Marketing and Sales and Support – Customer Success or Customer Experience

 2016-06-10 - As A Software Development and Support Engineer Balancing Consistency with Flexibility

 2016-06-06 - The Goal is to Keep the Customer Using the Software Solution

 2016-06-04 - For a Software Development and Support Engineer Finances are Important

 2016-06-01 - There is some Inertia in the time Between When A Software Support Engineer Works on a Case and When a Software Support Engineer Logs a Case

 2016-05-28 - On a Software Development and Support Engineer Owning Recurring Tasks

 2016-05-25 - Software Support and Development Engineer ten year goals

 2016-05-18 - As a Software Support and Development Engineer I am Bullshitted 

 2016-05-14 - Thinking of Product-izing Software Support

 2016-05-13 - Adapting Two.sentenc.es to Blog Writing

 2016-05-12 - Thoughts on Software Support and Development Engineer supporting a Product

 2016-05-11 - As a Software Support and Development Engineer How to Measure and Improve my Performance

 2016-05-10 - Contact a Person Not a Company — OR — A Feeling of Good Customer Service

 2016-05-09 - Work productivity trick for a Software Support and Development Engineer.

 2016-05-06 - A Dream to Productize Service Industry Starting with Software Support and Development Engineer Service

 2016-05-05 - Proposing a Strategy to Overcome Personal/Professional Workplace Conversation Dichotomy

 2016-05-04 - For a Software Development and Support Engineer an Unplanned Benefit of Working on Pomodoros is that I Spend more time Talking with Colleagues

 2016-05-02 - For a Software Support Engineer when At Work Always be Interviewing

 2016-05-01 - Productivity Idea for Software Support Technician

 2016-05-01 - The Benefits of the Calendar and Pomodoros System

 2016-04-30 - I’m taking my calendar productivity to a next level.

 2016-04-29 - Recap of 2016-04-10 Open Source Volunteer Software Development and Support Engineer “Mentorship”

 2016-04-24 - PHP HTML Calendar Codes for Studying how a Calendar can Work in LAMP

 2016-04-23 - It’s Important for a Software Development and Support Engineer to Recognize Indirect and Direct Communicators and Thereupon to Over-communicate Back to Them

 2016-04-22 - Maintain the Best Day-job Salarformance and Blog It

 2016-04-15 - Update to Previous Plan for “2016-04-10 to 2016-05-10 Open Source Volunteer … Work-project )” Post

 2016-04-10 - Plan for 2016-04-10 to 2016-05-10 Open Source Volunteer Software Development and Support Engineer “Mentorship” ( Job-shadow / Informational-interview / Work-project )

 2016-04-09 - Reasons a Software Development and Support Engineer Should Strive to Kick Ass at Their Current Job

 2016-04-02 - One Reason Why I Like Doing Software Support and how it Relates to Quality Software Customer Support and Development Engineering

 2016-04-01 - The Importance of Software Customer Support to a Software Developer of Plugins for WordPress

 2016-03-24 - Inspired by the Persona of Jeff Vincent – Clearing my Calendar to Zero and Managing my Software Developer Career and Managing my Life

 2016-03-01 - Spend a Medium Amount of Time Each Day Talking With Colleagues

 2016-02-01 - For a Software Support and Development Engineer the Importance of Being Able to Sell

 2016-01-01 - Professional Networking (WordCamp style)