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How to Find Investors Entrepreneurs and Business-people from Whom to Learn?

By w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶ author Morgan Jassen

I have a problem. I want to learn from experienced business people, but don't know how to connect with them (her or him).

*(Start Problem description)*

As an inexperienced one, these people seem far out of reach to me: experienced business people, experienced investors, and experienced entrepreneurs.

For example C-level executives at any of my companies don't come to me, nor to other "workers" (employees), for help with executive issues.

Retail entrepreneurs where I am a customer often don't share details how their business is going, even if I ask them how business is.

People don't talk freely about buying/ selling assets like stocks, real estate, IP, commodities, or private businesses.

*(End problem description)*

So, .... how to solve the problem?

*(Start possible solutions ideas)*

So how to become experienced about business, investing, and entrepreneurship?

Should I share (collaborate/learn) with other inexperienced business people?

Should I go to school for it? (Should I go to school to learn about the subject?)

I think the best answer may be to: Try talking with experienced people first, and if I can't have a good relationship with them, then try collaborating with other inexperienced people. In other words, keep trying with anyone who is interested!

*(End possible solutions ideas)*

In conclusion, I think a good way to learn about business, investing, and entrepreneurship is from people experienced in those areas, so to learn about those areas I should network with those people, and if I can't network with them, then I should keep pushing forward by networking with those near me (regardless of experience level).

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