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When Nobody Else is talking About it - How to Learn what is an Average Pay Rate in my Area

By Morgan Jassen

If few people I know want to talk about pay rate, wages, or salary in my area, then how can I find out more about it?

I posit the answer is to search for, or look in, reputable online public news sources for any news about specific local salaries.

I had been wondering about salaries in general in the previous week. Then one day I was reading the headlines on bizjournals.com, and came across this article:

"The towns and cities with the best-paid teachers in Massachusetts in 2015" (http://www.bizjournals.com...-best-paid-teachers.html)

This has dollar figure salaries for professional (teachers) in my area. It goes right ahead and publishes a dollar value of $74,737 for 2015 Massachusetts average teacher salary -- read the article yourself for further details!

Even though I'm not a teacher or in the education industry, the benefit to me of this article is that if I have nearly no clue what hardly anyone is being paid bacause few of my peers are talking openly about it, then this is at least a baseline of what some professionals in my nearby geographical area are earning.

This is a first baby step for me as a Software Development and Support Engineer to learn about real market salaries.

I hope to be able to continue to read in local business publications to continue to learn about the financial side of the local economy, especially the software development industry.

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