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The Goal of an employee Working is Sharing

By Morgan Jassen

The goal of an employee working is sharing.

I realized this after having meditated on Rich Dad Poor Dad* book advice that a great way to generate income is not from working but from investing.

Thinking in this mindset, If most of one's employment income is going towards covering living expenses and little is going to savings, then what does this make a worker's employment into? The answer is, that it is sharing.

If one works full-time and the result is that one lives roughly month-to-month, then that makes working sharing.

For me this is a novel way to think of the situation of a worker's employment; of my employment. As the workers (employees) at the company we are sharing the work, and we are sharing the partaking of the payroll. These things we are sharing together. The main thing we are doing together each day can in a single word best be described as, sharing.

I like that thinking this way seems to model more realistically the reality of how most companies are run. In contrast to the thinking that each individual employee "gives" the company their effort & work, and the company "gives" the individual employee a paycheck, (that had been my view for some time until just leading up to recently), instead, it can be considered that all the employees are together sharing the burden of supporting the goal(s) and tasks of the company, and are also all the employees are together sharing in receiving a part of the company payroll.

Where to go from here? Realizing that as an employee, one is sharing in goal/task burden and sharing in partaking of payroll, one can enjoy the feeling of community that comes with this sort of sharing. One can embrace the community in this type of ecosystem.

And one can figure out how to meet other needs of one's life separately, such as prospering, thriving, and learning. (That is, if the company employment situation doesn't meet these other needs.)

However some employee work agreements could include some degrees, even large degrees, of prospering, thriving and learning. Like via stock ownership plans, company gyms, hosting tech meetups, and more. So power to them! This sounds like a great company to work with!

In conclusion, for many employees, the main action that one is performing when working as an employee at a  job is sharing -- that is sharing performing effort towards completing goals and/or tasks, and  that is sharing partaking in payroll.

* Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-- That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!; Kiyosaki, Robert T.; New York : Warner, 2000

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Note: This post was pre-published on November 23, 2016.

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