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Kate For Windows how to Make the Line-numbering Match up with the Lines

I encountered a symptom in Kate for Windows whereby Line-numbering doesn't match up with the lines. (the line numbering is mismatched with the lines of text)

I had this problem where the line number didn't line up with the text in Kate for Windows (KDE for Windows version of Kate, in 2016)

The symptom was finally resolved by switching fonts to Arial.

That's it. Funny, though, that afterwards when I switched back to seemingly any other font, the symptom never reappears. So maybe the act of switching the font and saving it did the trick? I may never know, but that fixed it.

In other words, this is a "workaround" fix.

I went to:

"Settings" > "Configure Kate..." > "Fonts & Colors" > "Font"

, and set the font to arial

, and then clicked Apply and clicked OK.

For me in my case, that fixed it! That made the line-numbering line numbers match up with the lines.

[Update 2017-01-23: Since writing this, I also saw this same symptom on Kate editor for Ubuntu Linux. On a fresh install. The Line-numbering didn't match up. The fix/workaround was the same -- I switched to a different font. The symptom was resolved, and didn't reappear!]

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Note: This post was pre-published on November 21, 2016.

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