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For a Web Developer the Importance of an Abundance Mindset to Professional References

Abundance mindset is called for to tune into an abundance of professional references.

I've been thinking these few months about abundance/scarcity mindset and how it affects a Web Developer's career.

I previously wrote about professional references ( "For a Software Support Engineer a Note on the Relevance of Professional References" https://investorworker.com/2014.php?2014-11-17#2014-11-17 ) )

This combines the two ideas.

If one has a scarcity mindset, and that mindset affects one's view of seeking or having professional references, then it will seem to one that professional references are scarce and that professional references are hard to come by. It'll probably only ever seem to be that there are just enough references to barely have three people to ask to be one's reference when applying for a new job. (If that many! Maybe it'll feel like there are no references.)

What's an answer? Tune into an abundance mindset. Be optimistic and believe that there is an abundance of people willing to be one's professional reference, and all a Web Developer has to do is start asking around among one's past and present colleagues and associates, and one will find that pretty soon one will have a list of names, numbering more than enough people who are willing to serve as one's professional reference.

As I wrote in the past post (linked above), professional references are extremely valuable to one's career in an extremely unique way. This being the case, everyone will need references at some point. This makes it important to cultivate an abundance mindset.

As a Web Developer thinking about professional references with an abundance mindset is important because when thinking that way one realizes an abundance of professional references in their career.

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Note: This post was pre-published on November 14, 2016.

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