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Upon Observing Four Tweets -- Four Problems that Today a Web Developer Might Face

Introduction: After having learned of the persona of @RyanDeBeasi (https://twitter.com/RyanDeBeasi) on twitter, I have sometimes liked to follow their public twitter feed of tweets. There I have observed tweeting and re-tweeting about Web Developer topics, which I have been grateful for the chance to read.

In particular, today, I want to distill out the essence of what are some examples of a problem that a web developer can face. Why? I like to think about Web Development problems, especially through the lens of another persona. I think it is part of the learning process to think about difficult problems.

I also like to think about how to solve problems, and/or to observe suggested solutions to the problems alongside them. And indeed, for most of the tweets and re-tweets listed below, if one reads them and reads through into their linked content, or through the rest of the tweets in the twitter feed, they do include discussion about a/some solution(s) to the underlying problem! (Yay for learning!)

Without further ado, here are a list of links to four (re-)tweets that I think are relevant to web development. After each, I made up a sentence or two that tries to distill out what could be a possible underlying problem with which the tweet is concerned.

Possible underlying web development -related problem:
- The problem is that on the day of learning the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, today some people (, and by extension maybe some web developers?) feel sad and don't feel like working.

Possible underlying web development -related problem:
- It's a challenge finding a way to learn JavaScript programming at the same time as learning something else, namely at the same time as learning biology.

Possible underlying web development -related problem:
- For the success of a niche news service website business, it's a challenge finding a subscriber who will subscribe at the beginning of the year, who will also stay subscribed after the end of one year( and beyond!).

Possible underlying web development -related problem:
- A slow-loading website, and thus a website where the content doesn't load at all, is a problem. This is no matter whether the slow-loading is caused by web fonts, or caused by the desire to make the website completely pretty before revealing it to the user.

Thanks again to the (re-)tweeter (see above, introduction) for having shared these tweets. By observing and thinking about the content of these tweets, and thinking about what web development -related problems they might represent, I feel like I have, in a good way, learned something about Web Development that I otherwise wouldn't have known.

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Note: This post was pre-published on November 10, 2016.

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