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List of 10 Local (Boston Area) Companies that I Admire

I recently wrote this list of 10 companies(or organizations) that I think are excellent (now in 2016). (and that are also either local to Boston, or allow remote work.)

01 Wistia (Cambridge) ( https://wistia.com/blog )
02 Buildium (Boston) ( https://www.buildium.com/blog/ )
03 10up (Remote) ( https://twitter.com/10up )
04 Constant Contact (Waltham) ( https://www.constantcontact.com )
05 Bocoup (Boston) ( https://bocoup.com/weblog )
06 MIT Libraries (Cambridge) ( http://libraries.mit.edu/news/ )
07 ten24 (Worcester) ( https://twitter.com/ten24web )
08 Bartlett Interactive (Concord) ( http://www.bartlettinteractive.com/ )
09 Cisco (Boxborough) ( https://newsroom.cisco.com/ )
10 Automattic (Remote) ( https://automattic.com/about/ )

This is not *the* list, rather it is my attempt at making and sharing *one* list. It is a conversation starter. Also, I'm not being compensated to promote any of these companies -- this is my own opinion that these are excellent companies.

In other words, not only are these the sort of companies that I'd want myself and my colleagues to work for, but these are also the sort of companies that I'd want my company, and my colleagues' companies, to become.

How about you -- What do you think of these companies, and what other excellent companies/organizations are out there?

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P.S. AT the time of this writing, MIT's MIT Libraries is advertising that they are hiring for a Web Developer. See their About/Jobs page here: http://libraries.mit.edu/about/#Jobs ), and the direct link to the job posting here: http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_mit/external/en-us/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=8624&localeCode=en-us

(Note: At the time of this posing, I'm not affiliated with, compensated by, or employed by MIT Libraries.)

Note: This post was pre-published in November 2016.

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