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Partial Summary of WPEngine 10up Interview Including Web Development Problems and How 10uppers Address such Problems

10up's clients have some difficult problems and 10up employees (10uppers) need to know how to converse about them.

This is covered in this video interview with WPEngine's Emma ( https://twitter.com/WPE_Emma ) and Jonathan ( https://twitter.com/mcnamarajs ), and 10up's John ( https://twitter.com/jeckman ) "Video Replay: 10Up’s John Eckman on Client Relations" (link to blog post: https://wpengine.com/blog/live-interview-10ups-john-eckman-client-relations ) ( youtube video direct link: https://youtu.be/A4vW78FGy5I )

What are some problems their clients are facing that need solving, that have turned into projects for 10up to complete? Here are some that are mentioned in the video:

[Starting at about ~13min.30sec. (Paraphrasing what's discussed during this portion of the video) ]

They (10up) hold the [web project] quality bar very high, which is an ongoing challenge. A challenge for 10uppers to constantly keep the quality of their work high while at the same time delivering the project early.

Also, another problem 10up faces, described in the video, is that an east-coast based public radio station wants something. It wants a web solution that can keep the now playing list active, while at the same time allowing the surrounding website content to change around it -- allowing the user to continue to use the website like an app, while keeping it playing.

Also, another problem 10up faces, described in the video, is that AMC.com has a problem that they want 10up's help with. AMC.com wants a website design that resonates across all their brands and all their tv shows. They want a design that complements the writing content of the website, and even the live-streaming experience, by presenting the content from the entire suite of AMC.com's different brands and shows, while at the same time makes a single unified feeling for the website visitor.

Also, another problem 10up faces, described in the video, is that BBC US has a similar challenge in that they already have multiple websites -- one for each tv show, but now they want to bring those together under one website. How can 10up help them with this?

[Ending at about ~17min.00sec.]

Watch the video to find out! In the video is describe some about how 10up meets these challenges.

Here's a clue. 10uppers take on the challenge.

In the video, John describes a bit of specifics how 10uppers do this.

At about 26min.40sec. into the video, John says:

"They are direct conversations. Anyone who works at 10up should expect to have direct conversations -- face-to-face, in-person, or virtually, with clients, on a regular basis. They should know how to ask questions, they should know how to do active listening, they should know how to follow up, they should know how to be consultative and say, "Ok, I hear what you are asking us to do and I understand what you're trying to accomplish, but here's a better way to do it." That kind of creativity and problem-solving and innovation is something that we foster a lot in our team."

This has been partial summary of the WPEngine 10up video interview, including some specific web wevelopment problems, and including some ways how 10uppers are expected to address web development problems.

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Note: This post was pre-published in November 2016.

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