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Seven Days of Hydrated Water-drinking Non-coffee-drinking Sweaty Odd Ugly Software Development and Support Engineer Self-discipline Training

Motivated by my drive, and by Kiyosaki Rich Dad and Covey 7 Habits advice to develop personal discipline.

I read some blog posts on self-discipline and ended on a blog post from Brian Tracy and decided to act right away.

I decided my one behavior was to drink only water-- no coffee.

I took my ugly inappropriate ceramic beaver mug:

And filled it with water and have vowed to keep it filled, and with me, for 7 days and nights . Like a security blanket -- bedside, in car, for daily walks outside, and into retail stores -- always containing at least some water. That is the plan.

Therefore I will always be reminded to drink only water, not coffee, *and* the water will always be in my hand ready to drink.

I'm even glad it's breakable, ugly(it's a mug with a cartoon on it, with seemingly permanent coffee-staining inside), inappropriate(sarcastic comic on mug), has no lid, small(maybe holds ~10-12 oz.), and won't fit in a cup holder. This all will serve to remind me of the importance of the week's goal and of the high level of care that I'll need to maintain to make it through the week.

I am even guessing people will ask what I'm doing and why-- and if so then I'm looking forward to telling them -- I want to talk with others about my coffee habit, my water-drinking week, self-discipline plan, and my health, to help motivate myself.

That's the plan -- the plan to develop a habit of self-discipline, the plan which will be executed via carrying a significant token (the coffee cup of water) with me always for a week. We'll see next week how I did.

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Note: This post was pre-published in November 2016.

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