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For a Software Development and Support Engineer What About Making Networking into an Asset and Placing a Dollar Value on It?

To become serious about the value of networking, the following is an idea how a Software Development and Support Engineer (SDASE) might use money as a catalyst for professional networking.

Let me start by saying AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!

That's what I sounded like out loud when I began thinking about this idea.

I'm a Software Development and Support Engineer (SDASE) who's historically shy about professional networking.

But I think professional networking's extremely valuable.

But some other people think it's valuable, and some others don't.

How to break the ice, approach others about networking with me, and explicitly express to my colleague that I value their networking with me?

I will pay them money.

The answer is that I can offer to pay my colleague to talk with me about professional career topics.

For example I will offer a coworker $1 cash for every time they listen to my answer after having asked me the question of "how is the project going?"

That's it.

There will be caveats and exceptions. Like some colleagues may be offended, or some may be too busy etc. However, I think some colleagues will appreciate the playful yet professional aspect of this idea, and maybe, the idea of the dollar value is what will make the difference in playfulness to get them to agree when they otherwise wouldn't have!

Or twists/variations may arise, Like treat a colleague to a coffee instead of $1 cash. Or a variation like pay a colleague $1 to be my "wing person" -- accompany me to a local tech meetup. Or maybe the colleague wants $5. Or however much we agree it's worth!

Or of course, it will work both ways -- If my colleague offers me $1 to listen the description of how their professional project is going, or to be their "wing person" to a tech meetup, then I can consider doing so.

The idea of monetizing professional career networking among SDASE colleagues fits inline with the whole idea of us all adding value to our careers; indeed, there is symbolism in adding a dollar to my or my associate's pocket, while at the same time adding value to the depth of our professional relationship.

The point is, this idea could be used by me as I'm upping my game and becoming serious. I'm becoming serious about communicating the value of networking, and becoming serious about using money as a catalyst for professional networking.

One more strategy for getting out there and networking professionally!

This idea is an experiment. How could this work out, or how might it fail?

Hahahha I just realized this idea might have been inspired by last night me having watched the "Mad Men" tv show episode where the Peggy character and them go to Burger Chef, and pay customers to tell them what they think about Burger Chef -- Marketing research.

In conclusion, to become serious about the value of networking, a SDASE might using money as a catalyst for professional networking.

Note: this blog post is dedicated to the folks over at supportdriven.slack.com, for week 1 of the 2016 6-week writing challenge. (more details here: "Stretch your Typing Fingers – Support Driven 6 Week Writing Challenge" ( https://supportdriven.com/2016/10/21/stretch-your-typing-fingers-support-driven-6-week-writing-challenge ))

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