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As a Software Developer Exercising my Ability to take a Break from Answering a Software Behavior Question

(written from earlier notes, and from events that transpired before publish-time)

I’ve been working on trying to answer this question for about two hours:

Announcements are not showing as expected ( https://www.evan-herman.com/wordpre...#post-5459 )

I’ve looked at the site in question, installed the WordPress plugin on my localhost, looked through the page source, looked through the page in Firebug, searched through the source code of the WordPress plugin, searched through a sql dump of the localhost MySQL database with some sample timeline announcements.

I believe it has something to do with this line of css I see in Firebug inspector:


, and these lines I find in a php file:

.cd-timeline-block:nth-child(odd) .cd-timeline-content::before {

.cd-timeline-block:nth-child(even) .cd-timeline-content::before {

But I still don’t fully know when nor how the “nth-child(” is triggering the announcement to show up on the left vs. the right, let alone how to control this.

Moving on. I took a one-day break, then picked it up again.

Now I started to feel like its my skills are not sharp enough and feel like that’s why I’m not able to find the answer to this question quickly enough. So I start to read a tutorial on how to use the Firebug JavaScript debugger.

But a few minutes in, I realize this isn’t going to get the question answered. As a Software Developer I need to exercise my ability to step away from the issue.

I’ve already learned some things in searching for the answer to this question, about the timeline-express WordPress plugin, about Firebug, about JavaScript, and about CSS. No, I haven’t solved the question, however it’s time to accept the fact that this question is above my level. It’s best for me to move on to another question that challenges me but that I’m not wasting effort by way of struggling.

In a blog post I wrote about: The Importance of Regrouping after 30 Minutes When Working on an Involved Tech Support Case ( http://w̶i̶e̶l̶d̶l̶i̶n̶u̶x̶.̶c̶o̶m̶/?p=14 ) I’ll now take my own advice from that post and realize that: “…it’s time to regroup and either get input from a colleague, set the case aside for a while, … or otherwise pause the case …”

In that older post, I’d written that I’d learned the importance of the ability to regroup and pause work on an issue. Now today I’ll exercise that ability.

Note: This post was pre-published on 2016-09-08.
Note: This post was re-pre-published on 2016-10-27.

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