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Proposing Steps to Author a Public Professional Review To Learn and to Help Career Development

Note: Some inspiration for this was gotten from: Nicholas Tart, "10 Tips for Creating Interviews for your Blog" ( http://www.incomediary.com/10-tips-creating-awesome-interviews-blog )

To learn and help professional career development, how about I do a mini-story highlighting the public online activity of a fellow professional? For example write a blog post refererencing what I saw another Web Developer writing, posting, publishing, or chatting about in public online, and add my thoughts to it.

Note: I read that when writing about someone else's blog, the etiquette is to do all of the following. Thus when proposing these steps I'm including them:
1.) In my post, link + attribute their post,
2.) Leave a comment on their post telling them that I wrote about their post,
3.) Tweet / social-media-mention it to them on twitter or on social-media.

So here are the steps I'm proposing, here in the form of a template/Runthrough, using myself as an example:

A.) First, link to Morgan's messages/posts that are being mentioned as the topic of the Review.

B.) Next, as an introduction to how I gained access to Morgan's work, write a sentence to explain that Morgan actively posted in the public forum and that's how I was able to publicly see his messages/posts.

C.) Next, as an introduction to the author (Morgan), write a sentence about how I came to know of the persona of Morgan. For example write a sentence that explains that I started a habit of visiting a specific website where I have been seeing Morgan's blog posts, tweets, and/or slack messages and forum posts, etc. etc.

D.) Next, the body of the mini-story, write a story describing what Morgan published or did, how it is professional in nature, why I think it's professional and noteworthy, (or not professional and/or not noteworthy) and including links to the messages and posts.

E.) Next, write an sentence that serves as an open message of thanks to Morgan for having published these messages/posts. Link to Morgan's sites/profiles.

F.) Finally, tweet at Morgan (message him on social media) to let him know you blogged about him.

In one blog post, I started to use a process similar to this. I felt good with the result. Although it does take nerve to write this sort of post.

Link to post where I used a process similar to this:
Inspired by the Persona of Jeff Vincent – Clearing my Calendar to Zero and Managing my Software Developer Career and Managing my Life ( http://wieldlinux.com/2016.php#2016-03-24 )

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