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Testing Early Version of Mzz-stat WordPress Plugin

In December 2015, I installed an early version of my Mzz-stat plugin live on my own website. It was capturing site hits data. (timestamp and which-page-visited)

The purpose was twofold:
1. I felt it was ready for production -- ready to be used on a live site. As such, of course I wanted to use it on my own site. It would tell me how many total hits I had, and would show me the last 20 hits data (timestamp and which page visited)

2. I would keep CrazyStat ( http://www.christosoft.de/CrazyStat ) installed alongside it, and so if it happened that I wanted one additional piece of site statistics that my plugin didn't have, I'd look to CrazyStat for this info. Then I'd make a note of what info it was that I had wanted, that CrazyStat had but that my plugin didn't have. Then I'd know what feature to add to my plugin next.

To recap, to test my plugin during development, I used my plugin on my live site, so that I could improve my plugin. And at the same time I was developing the plugin from scratch so I could keep its feature-set limited to only the features that I needed.

My goal was that as a total package it'd be better for my situation than my previously preferred stat (hit counter) engine. It'd be native WordPress, would have only the data I wanted captured/displayed, and no clutter!

Descriptive screenshot:

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