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For a Software Developer is a Salary More Like a Dial or Like a Switch?

To give at least some quantification context to this post. This article "2015-2016 Dice Salary Survey" wrote that: "...Average technology salaries in the U.S. [increased] to $96,370 annually..." ( http://media.dice.com/...-salary-survey/ )

So take an arbitrary scenario where a Software Developer's yearly salary is currently $96,370.

Is it a switch where the Developer is either paid $96,370, -- or else isn't employed?

Or is it a dial where the Developer could either somewhere in a flexible range that is extremely loosely surrounding $96,370 -- could even be half that or could be double that, -- or else isn't employed?


*and* who controls the switch/dial?

The hiring manager? HR person? Employee? Of all three in a joint meeting? Or?

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