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For a Software Developer How to Deal with Fear and Vulnerability that Comes with Certain Kinds of Consistency

In professional life, I want to do something that improves my life or that is required of me, but that no one else does. For me it has in the past specifically been either taking a power-nap, or doing 2-mins-per-hour of yoga-stretching-exercises, or daily writing-and-sending my weekly report to my supervisor.

How did I realize that I have insecurity surrounding these types of exercises? These are things that I want to do hourly or daily. Consistently. And as such I know I'll be judged by my peers for doing them and for doing them on a consistent basis. And that people will talk about how I do these things -- my character will be defined by my habitually doing these activities.

I realized from reading the concept of HRT from the book "Team Geek" (Sussman and Fitzpatrick), and from my experience, that this is insecurity.

Solution? If it's important, then do it. The three above are examples. Stretching for two minutes per hour is important for my health so I should do it throughout every day. When I'm burnt out, taking a power-nap is important so on those occasions I should take a power nap during my break time at work. As the sole employee under my supervisor, if I am asked to write a daily report to my boss of what I've done, even when I know my nearby colleagues have not been asked to do the same for their supervisors, then I should do it. I should do it and if colleagues judge me as the person who does this and it becomes part of my identity, then I should acknowledge that and keep doing it.

Persevere with confidence. It's work, it's not easy, it can be uncomfortable. Colleagues will judge me for what I do and don't do. But a professional works through it -- indeed that's what makes them professional.

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