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For a Software Development and Support Engineer How to Become Better at Something

I recently wrote asking how salary is directly linked to professionalism. (See: “23 Questions Regarding American Professional Cultural Truths Around Performance and Professionalism and Identity and Pay Rate” http://wieldlinux.com/2016.php?2016-09-04#2016-09-04 )

So how to get higher salary?

Up one’s professionalism.

What if an SDASE is having a hard time– it’s been months or years and still hasn’t figured out how to up their professionalism?

Research how to up one’s professionalism.

What if one’s also not good at researching how to up one’s professionalism?

Research how to become better at researching.

In other words, the first step may be to step back further and research even more elementary such as “how to become better at something”.

This is what I’m now googling– “how to become better at something”.

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