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Moving Web Server from Linux Desktop OS to Linux Server OS

This week my Linux web server had been freezing up so that its GUI login console, as well as the web page serving functionality, had stopped responding.

I saved db and files, and then did a reinstall.

My server’s hardware is a netbook. It has no DVD drive. So I bing-searched and found instructions to install from a USB.
I installed from usb.

For the new server OS I installed Ubuntu Linux Server v. 14.04 lts. It has no GUI desktop. During install I used tasksel to install LAMP and SSH-Server. AFterwards I installed FTP server.

Afterwards, I had to change a line in a configuration file to make it so closing the netbook lid doesn’t cause the laptop to sleep.

I Loaded my MySQL .sql dump file with all the databases back into the new server using the mysql monitor. I FTPed the website files into the home directory, then copied them into the web root using sudo commands.

I used chmod commands to set the directory and file permissions so that the web server can serve the pages to users.

Overall I’m feeling comfortable with running my web server without a GUI. I’ve been able to get it up and running with only a few hours of effort.

I’m happy because I think it’s going to run much better because I’m not serving my website from the a Linux desktop OS as I have in the past.

I set the server to install security updates automatically as well.

I have the extra satisfaction that I’m running server OS to run a server, which is the way it should be. I’m thankful that I was able to use Desktop OS as a server in the past– it helped me have the GUI to fall back to when I was learning to run a server. But now I’m comfortaguible running and administering the Linux server OS without the overhead and complexity of a GUI, it gets the job done perfectly, and it feels satisfying.

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