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For a Software Developer How to Network

For a Software Developer it’s important to network professionally.

Have a list of some people’s names with whom you want to network. At a pace which you feel comfortable (it could be three per day or it could be one per month; whatever is your style!) call the first person on the list, and first off say “just checking in” or “I’m calling to say hi and see how you’re doing. What’s going on with you?”

And then listen to what they say.

If no answer or I don’t have their number , then I either text or email a follow-up note.

The point is to stay in touch, be friendly, and say hi. This can facilitate you both helping each other – now or in the future.

This is how a sw dev can network professionally.

Ideally it can end in either of you landing a job now or in the future – through s friend of a friend. However that is a side effect of what’s going on here which is friendship, trust-building and prof networking.

Finally, move that person’s name from first to last place on the list. Repeat with the next name on the list at your own comfortable pace (But, make sure that you have the self-discipline to follow through and do it at regular intervals at this pre-determined pace).

Finally-finally, Note that some people won’t want to network. Either cycle their name down on the list to try when it comes around again, or, take their name off the list. We only want to network with those who are open to networking with us! Our goal is that as a whole, we’re not bugging anybody, we’re keeping it relaxed, and we’re networking professionally.

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